Though many had given up hope, the long-awaited first Amoeba CD has finally arrived.  At times Gothic, at times Industrial, at times Noise, all the time fun!  Presented here as they were originally performed, improvised exclusively, no two compositions are ever exactly the same (you'll swear they are, but you'll have to prove that for yourself)!  Occasionally noxious, recorded under less-than-ideal circumstances, and under a band member's parents' first floor, audio technology has finally unearthed Amoeba, rendering their music presentable apparently.  Amoeba denies all responsibility for your speakers and stereo system.  Sorry!

Definitely not mainstream, though otherwise difficult to categorize, Amoeba synthesizes elements from Gothic, Industrial, Electronica, Techno, and Trance, all with a foundation of pure noise.  Amoeba ventures fearlessly into a myriad of sonic galaxies.  Many have tried to blaze a trail into the audio wilderness of the electronic age, and Amoeba presents their unique explorations unapologetically and with confidence.

Amoeba offers the antidote to produced music.  Exclusively engaging in improvised jams, the band allows any sonic territory into their repertoire.  Steering daringly away from pop and dance-oriented music, they extract every kind of racket out of electronic instruments, all the while keeping it cloying and genuine.

Hypnagogic, creative.  Trip Music, Head Music, Experimental.

Not many musical groups can boast a unique sound.  But nothing else is quite like Amoeba.  That said, Amoeba is probably not for everybody.  Amoeba's improvisations, firmly planted away from the mainstream, are nonetheless cloying and at times even catchy.  Each composition describes transition, ever advancing toward an unknown.

Performing rarely, the Columbus, Ohio band Amoeba has developed a unique sound.  The group is composed of three musicians: Michael Sliclen, playing synthesizer and Chapman Stick; Adam McKinley, on synthesizer and rhythm programming; and Jeff Dickens, vocalist, also playing guitar and synthesizer.  Though founded in Industrial and Gothic, Amoeba forays into a myriad of sonic spaces.

Presented here on their first CD, Amoeba is captured at the moment of their creative spark.  The dark spaces where Amoeba's creations were born are palpable in these recordings.

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